A list of pagan businesses, pagan friendly places, and pagan supply shops.

    Ancient Mysteries

    209 E Ben White Blvd #202, Austin, TX

    Brick and Mortar Pagan and Witchy Supplies Shop with teaching and divination areas.

    Nature's Treasures

    4103 North IH-35, Austin, TX

    All the Rocks, Sage, Crystals, and Singing bowls you need. Located in the center of town, equipped with a pagan friendly presentation center.

    Natural Magick Shop


    Magickally made stuff by the movement, light and shadow of the heavens. An Austin Pagan institution for decades. We've heard no less than 3 stories about how this shop owner's continual operation and service saved their lives.

    The Vortex Repertory Company

    2307 Manor Road, Austin, TX

    Austin Nightlife spot, complete with bar, food, performances and home of several pagan events.

    Blessed Bee Winery


    Completely organic mead, from locally sourced honey, home of several local pagan events.

    Gardens of the Ancients

    4800 E Yager Ln, Manor, TX

    Local largest herb nursery and apothecary and location of several past Pagan Pride Day events.

    Arcane Sanctum

    611 West 32nd, Ste B, Austin TX

    An occult boutique focused on providing practitioners with the accouterments they need to practice their craft and grow their knowledge.

    CMA & Spirit Haven Ranch


    Home of The Council of Magickal Arts, CMA, largest longest running Texas Pagan Festival. Workends every 2 weeks and festivals semiannually.

    ESP & Dragonz Wylde Ranch

    520 Red Rock Ranch Rd, Austin TX

    Home of Earth Spirit People, closest to Austin Pan Pagan Festival located in Red Rock, TX

  • Events

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  • Groups Providing Public Ritual

    There are a bunch, so contact us to get on this list.

    Fort Hood Open Circle


    FHOC is a non-denominational Pagan congregation operating under the sponsorship of the Post and Circle Sanctuary.


    We hold general education classes every Wednesday night from 7:30 - 9pm at The Memorial Chapel on 73rd and Battalion Ave on main Post across from Popeye's.

    We celebrate Sabbats and Esbats on the nearest Sat at our Circle on Camp Finlayson on West Fort Hood.

    HearthStone Grove, ADF

    Irish Polytheism & Indo-European Paganism

    HearthStone strives to become, for Austin, a scholarly & creative Gaelic Celtic spiritual family, whose members have a new outlook on the nature of being, equality of the sexes, and the importance of myth, music, & merriment on the human condition.

    Austin Full Moon Circles

    A Different Tradition Each Month

    Austin Moon Circles is a group of Austin, TX, Pagan leaders and covens willing to lead one or more full moon circles per year, in order to give back to our Pagan community, and offer public moon rituals for all. The circles are held in their traditions, as they choose to present them. 

    Tejas Web

    Eclectic Ecofeminist Witchcraft

    Tejas Web is an eclectic ecofeminist Witchcraft community centered in Austin, Texas. Inspired by the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft, we offer public rituals, classes, workshops, and weeklong Intensives (aka Witch Camps).

    Scarlet Woman Lodge


    Scarlet Woman Lodge is a local body of Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) under charter from U.S. Grand Lodge. We are a fraternal, initiatory organization that has accepted the Law of Thelema as revealed in The Book of the Law.

  • Lists

    Community forum, email lists, facebook groups, and pages! If we forgot you let us know!

    Austin Pagan

    Facebook Group

    This is the inclusive group in the community with nearly 750 members. This group and any of the functional tabs are for everyone's use.

    Pagans and Heathens of Austin

    Facebook Group

    Founded and stewarded by North Austin Pagans, currently moderated by Cliff Hamrick, Marcia and Joe.

    Texas Pagans

    Facebook Group

    Largest Texas pagan group in the State.

    Austin Pagan Events Yahoo Group

    Yahoo Email List

    Oldest and longest running events bulletin. Easy to use, self serve.

    Austin Shamans

    Facebook Group

    A place where the community gathers around Shamanism and Shamanic Practice.

    Pagan Events in Austin and Central Texas

    Facebook Page

    A Facebook Page dedicated to sharing events happening in the City and Central Texas.

    Pagan Events in Austin and Central Texas

    Facebook Group

    The Austin Pagan Student Alliance at the University of Texas has been operating and providing resources to students for over a decade.

    HearthStoneGrove, ADF

    Facebook Group

    HearthStone Grove, ADF is an Irish Polytheist and Gaelic congregation whose Druids perform public ritual and seer services for the entire community.

    Austin Pagan Help Spot.

    Facebook Group

    Dedicated to posts asking for and providing help, prayers, and requests for teaching.

    Austin Witches Circle

    Facebook Page

    Austin Witches Circle runs several events and markets.

    Austin Pagan Student Alliance.

    Facebook Group

    The Austin Pagan Student Alliance at the University of Texas has been operating and providing resources to students for over a decade. UT STUDENTS ONLY!

    Young Pagans of Austin

    Facebook Group

    A place for pagan teens.

    Austin Area Pagan Run Businesses

    Facebook Group

    A place for pagan business owners and members of the community to share leads and network.

    North Austin Pagan Meetup

    Facebook Group

    Sponsored by 10k Sanctuary a schism off of the now defunct AAPHC north meetup.

    Pagan Student Fellowship

    Facebook Group

    The PSF of SouthWestern university includes students of all paths. Shares CampUS with the PSA at Spirit Haven Ranch.

    Austin Pagan Exchange

    Yahoo! Group

    A place for pagans to trade, sell, freecycle, and more.