• Where To Go

    A list of Pagan friendly spaces in and around the Austin area. Pagan supply shops, hangout spots, venues, etc.

    2121 E Cesar Chavez st

    Austin Tx 78702

    A magical wellness center and mystical arts school providing massage, acupuncture, mystical arts class, tarot reading, yoga, herbal classes and an apothecary. Austin Pagans receive $10 off all services of 60 min.

    Ancient Mysteries

    209 E Ben White Blvd #202, Austin TX

    A shop providing magickal supplies, teaching, and divination. Ancient Mysteries has supported and been supported by the community for many years.

    Blessed Bee Winery

    Red Rock, TX

    A winery and campground, hosting several pagan events a year, and owner of Blessed Bee Winery and Coffee Bar in Bastrop, TX. All mead made from organic locally sourced honey.

    ESP & Dragonz Wylde Ranch

    Red Rock, TX

    Home of Earth Spirit People, an organization hosting one of the closest Pan Pagan Festivals to Austin. Ranch located in Red Rock, TX. Private property. Contact before you visit.

    Gardens of the Ancients

    4800 E Yager Ln, Manor, TX

    Largest local herb nursery and apothecary, gracious hosts of past Pagan Pride Day events.

    Natural Magick Shop


    Products magickally made by the movement, light and shadow of the heavens. An Austin Pagan institution for decades, Natural Magick Shop is a staple in the local Pagan community. Products can be purchased online. Visits by appt only.

    Nature's Treasures

    4103 North IH-35,

    Austin, TX

    All the Rocks, Sage, Crystals, and Singing bowls you need. Located in the center of town, equipped with a Pagan friendly presentation center.

    CMA & Spirit Haven Ranch

    Cistern, TX

    Home of The Council of Magickal Arts, Inc, hosting the largest longest running semi annual Texas Pan Pagan Festivals. Private property, please contact before you plan a visit.

    The Vortex Repertory Company

    2307 Manor Road, Austin, TX

    Austin Nightlife spot with an extremely Pagan friendly staff, full bar, food trucks, performances & more. The Vortex is home to several Pagan events.

    Yarrow & Sage

    701 E. 53rd St. Suite B

    Austin, TX

    Yarrow & Sage is a cooperative storefront featuring local herbalist's and artist's handcrafted wares!

  • Events

    A community calendar for meetups, rituals, festivals, and other special events in Austin and surrounding area.
    If you want your event listed, please contact us.

  • Groups Providing Public Ritual

    Please contact us if you want your group to be added to this list.

    Austin Full Moon Circles

    A Different Tradition Each Month

    Austin Full Moon Circles is a group of Austin, TX, Pagan leaders willing to lead one or more full moon circles per year, in order to give back to our Pagan community, and offer public moon rituals for all. Contact Austin Full Moon Circles to sign up to lead a ritual.

    All local Pagan leaders, regardless of Tradition, are encouraged to participate in this intrafaith opportunity. It gives our new seekers a chance to see and meet with leaders of various traditions, and ask questions that might lead them to finding a teacher or coven/group to join.

    Fort Hood Open Circle


    FHOC is a non-denominational Pagan congregation operating under the sponsorship of the Post and Circle Sanctuary.

    They hold general education classes every Wednesday night from 7:30 - 9pm at The Memorial Chapel on 73rd and Battalion Ave on main Post across from Popeye's. They also celebrate Sabbats and Esbats on the nearest Sat at our Circle on Camp Finlayson on West Fort Hood.

    HearthStone Grove, ADF

    Irish Polytheism & Indo-European Paganism

    Hearthstone Grove welcomes all types of Pagans to their family friendly events. They hold at least 28 public rituals throughout the year; 8 high day rituals & celebrations, 13 dark moon rituals, 2 spiritual retreats, other groups' special events, Pagan and music festivals, etc.

    They focus on serving the community and make themselves available for readings, needed prayers, baby blessings, cleansings, handfastings, etc. Contact Hearthstone Grove for more info.

    Scarlet Woman Lodge


    Scarlet Woman Lodge is a local body of Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) under charter from U.S. Grand Lodge. We are a fraternal, initiatory organization that has accepted the Law of Thelema as revealed in The Book of the Law.

    Tejas Web

    Eclectic Ecofeminist Witchcraft

    Tejas Web is an eclectic ecofeminist Witchcraft community centered in Austin, Texas. Inspired by the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft, we offer public rituals, classes, workshops, and weeklong Intensives (aka Witch Camps).

  • Private Groups & Organizations

    Want your group or event listed on the site?

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  • Groups & Lists

    Facebook groups, email lists, and pages make it easy to join in on community discussion and events!

    Austin Pagan

    Facebook Group

    An online meeting place for the Austin local community to share ideas, meet fellow Pagans, ask questions, support the community, and more.

    Austin Area Drum Circles

    Facebook Page

    A group for local drummers and others interested in getting together to bang some drums. Events like 'Barton Springs Drum Circle' and others are planned dependent on interest.

    Austin Pagan Pride

    Facebook Page

    As the local chapter of the Pagan Pride Project, they organize Austin Pagan Pride Day, the largest interfaith and alternative religious awareness festival in Austin, TX.
    'Nov, 11 @ The Vortex.'

    Pagan Events in Austin and Central Texas

    Facebook Group

    A group affiliated with 4th Friday Pagan Night Out. Join to receive invites and announcements regarding this monthly event. They meet 7pm, every fourth Friday of the month.

    Austin Witches Circle

    Facebook Group

    An inclusive community group for witches of all types from the Austin and surrounding areas to learn and share all things witchcraft.

    Central Texas Asatru Community

    Facebook Group

    A group for the Asatru\Heathen Community in Central Texas. This group isn't affiliated with The Asatru Community, Inc organization. No discrimination tolerated.

    HearthStoneGrove, ADF

    Facebook Group

    Hearthstone Grove, ADF is an Irish Polytheist tribe hosting public inclusive events focused on community building & practicing a living Pagan tradition.

    Pagans and Heathens of Austin

    Facebook Group

    A group stewarded by volunteers from the Pagan community. The PHA hosts both the North and South Austin meetups as well as the 'Annual Pagan Playshop'.

    Austin Pagan Student Alliance.

    Student Group

    A University of Texas group that's been operating and providing education and resources to students for over a decade. Contact for meeting info.

    Young Pagans of Austin ++

    Facebook Group

    A social networking & discussion group for Pagans, Wiccans, Polytheists, Neopagans, Pantheists and other like-minded people in the San Marcos, TX area.

    Texas Alliance of Pagan Students

    Pagan Organization

    TAPS strives to provide support, education, resources, and opportunities for networking between other students and student orgs in Texas.

    Texas Pagans

    Facebook Group

    A group bringing together Pagans all over Texas to converse and promote events. Check out the recommended list at the top of the group's home page.

    Austin Area Pagan Run Businesses

    Facebook Group

    A place for pagan business owners and members of the community to share leads and network.

    Austin Pagan Help Spot.

    Facebook Group

    A group run by community volunteers, dedicated for Pagans looking to sell, buy, and barter items, requesting and offering help; prayers, education, and other such community service.

    Austin Pagan Meet & Greet

    Facebook Group

    A group exclusively for Pagans who want to meet like minded folks.

    Young Pagans of Austin ++

    Facebook Group

    A group for local pagan parents with children from infant through 18 to connect with other pagan parents,

    Pagan Student Fellowship

    Student Group

    The Pagan Student Fellowship of Texas State University includes students of all paths.
    Join the TXST Pagan Hangout group and ask about upcoming meetings.

    Texas Hoodoo

    Facebook Group

    This group is for those interested in learning or teaching Hoodoo and aims to put self-power into the hands of practitioners, students, and learners.

    Young Pagans of Austin ++

    Facebook Group

    A group who wishes to highlight web sites, issues and events of concern to the Pagan, Wiccan, Polytheist community.

  • More Resources

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    Books & Blogs

    Pagan reading lists and blog links.

    This is a list of community recommended books and blogs related to Paganism, witchcraft, the occult, metaphysics, mysticism, and much more.

    Pagan Owned Business Directory

     Directory of Pagan Owned Businesses.

    Need a handy man, graphic artist, massage therapist, electrician, or other services? Browse to find businesses owned and operated by Pagans to support the community.

    Youtube and Podcasts

    Shows and podcasts broadcasting worldwide.

    A community list of Pagan podcasts and YouTube channels covering topics from herbalism to philosophy.